The time has come to achieve our potential as a conscious species.

We have developed the tools required for us to coordinate in a truly global way.

We have studied the patterns of human behavior, and have ways of incentivizing and disincentivizing harmful actions.

We see the existential threat posed by the weapons of mass destruction we have created.

We grasp the fundamentals of our planet’s natural systems, and understand that business as usual will lead to vast suffering for generations to come.

101 years ago was the first day of peace after the war to end all wars. How many died based on the conviction that their sacrifice would prevent human beings from making a similar one in the future?

The path forward is unclear, but I carry the conviction that there is a way: a peaceful coexistence is possible. In fact, it is not only possible — it is necessary.

The stability of our political, financial and environmental systems is eroding. We are entering a period of enormous uncertainty, the emergent dynamics of an immense complex adaptive system interacting. Harm is ongoing and inevitable.

The silver lining to the suffering that systemic volatility will bring to vulnerable people is these times of change provide opportunity to find a more just and stable state. We can adapt our actions to mitigate harm, now and in the future. To be successful we must coordinate on a global scale to create antifragile systems in which intentional violence at any scale is irrational.

To those of you who share this vision, reach out. Together, we are much stronger than we are apart. And we will need all the strength we can muster — the forces to be overcome are great.

The time has come to achieve our potential as a conscious species.

We are entitled to this: it is our birthright.

With love,

Juvenalis x


Homo integralis.

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