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Orienting ourselves in times of transition

We stand at a precipice. The next 40 years will decide the fate of the human race — of life on Earth — like no century, or even millennium, before. Our actions now, conscious or otherwise, are piling up like so many twigs to form the foundation on which will rest the institutions that govern an interplanetary species.

Aware of this, I wonder: what is our outlook? What are the risks — and where are the greatest opportunities to shore up critical structures so they form to protect and promote human dignity, and the enduring sustainability of our existence? These…

The time has come to achieve our potential as a conscious species.

We have developed the tools required for us to coordinate in a truly global way.

We have studied the patterns of human behavior, and have ways of incentivizing and disincentivizing harmful actions.

We see the existential threat posed by the weapons of mass destruction we have created.

We grasp the fundamentals of our planet’s natural systems, and understand that business as usual will lead to vast suffering for generations to come.

101 years ago was the first day of peace after the war to end all wars. How…


Homo integralis.

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